Iced cappuccino: what is it, how to make it?

iced-cappuccinoIced cappuccinos have become very popular in recent years. This is mainly because people were looking for a way to get the flavor of a cappuccino on a hot day. After all nobody wants to be drinking hot coffee on days that are sweltering hot.

An iced cappuccino is more or less just a cappuccino that has been chilled. There are however some differences in the way that you make it. After all it would be silly to heat the milk if you are just going to chill it again. The normal way to make an iced cappuccino is with espresso but if you are making it at home you can make it using any coffee that you want, most people don’t have an espresso machine so they just use regular coffee. If you get one from a coffee shop however it will be made with espresso.

Once you have your espresso or your coffee you will want to put it into a blender. If you are using espresso you will want to about an ounce and half but if you are using coffee you may want to add more. You can adjust this to alter the strength as you desire. To this you are going to want to add about six ice cubes or if you have it crushed ice.

The next step is to add some milk to your iced cappuccino, about two cups is going to be ideal. This may seem like a lot of milk relative to the amount of espresso that you have put in but it really isn’t. You will also want to add about six tablespoons of cream to add some thickness to it. At this point you will also want to add about half a cup of sugar, again this will seem like a lot but you really do need it to balance out the flavors in your iced cappuccino. There are lots of other things that you can add if you want to, the most common is chocolate. A few shaved pieces of semi sweet chocolate will really add to the flavor. Once everything that you want is in the blender you just blend it until it is at the consistency that you want.

After your iced cappuccino is ready you may want to look into adding some toppings to it. Far and away the most common of these is whip cream but cherries are also an option. One of the benefits of an iced cappuccino is that you can really play around with it to get the flavor that you want. You can add almost anything that you would like to it. However before you do that you should play around with the basic recipe to make sure that you can get the way that you like it. You can alter the amount of espresso, milk or sugar as you desire.