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cappuccinoWelcome to my page on cappuccinos, they have become very popular in recent years. Of course this depends on where you live; if you are Italian they have been very popular for a long time. The massive popularity of cappuccinos has been mainly the result of coffee shops really marketing them in attempt to increase their sales. In large part they have been very successful with this and the popularity of cappuccinos has really taken off.

The first thing that we should probably make clear to the people who don’t know is just what is a cappuccino? Basically it is a shot of espresso that is mixed with steamed milk and then with a layer of foamed milk put on top. They were created in Italy around the turn of the twentieth century and have been very popular there for years. Traditionally they have been served in cafes which is why these cafes have become so common Europe. It is much more recent that cappuccinos have become popular in the US.

One of the big mysteries to a lot of people is just what is the difference between a cappuccino and a caffe latte? If you are in Italy the difference is that the caffe latte does not have the foamed milk on top of it. This makes it easier to make at home without the need for a machine to foam the milk. In the US and most other countries the difference between the two is the amount of milk that is mixed with the espresso. The caffe latte has more milk so it is not as strong as the cappuccino.

Most people have traditionally gotten their cappuccinos from a café but this can get very expensive since most shops charge a pretty high price for their specialty coffees, particularly in the US. The result is that a lot of people have started making theirs at home. This requires that you have an espresso machine which is not a particularly cheap option either. However when you figure out what you spend in a year on cappuccinos you will probably find that the espresso machine pays for itself pretty quickly.

If are going to get an espresso machine it is important that you make sure that you shop around to get a good one. The price on them has come down pretty dramatically over the last few years but you do want to make sure that you stay away from the really cheap ones. The problem with these is they are usually made with aluminum and don’t have their own boiler. The result is that the quality of the cappuccino is quite low. You can get an espresso machine almost anywhere these days so you should have no trouble finding a good one that you can get for a reasonable price.